I am an associate professor at Georgia Tech.

I got my PhD from MIT with Dan Stroock in 2004.   I spent 3 years as postdoc at Northwestern University and I came to Georgia Tech in Fall 2007 as an assistant professor.  

I also spent time at IMAR where I have ties.  

I am a mathematician.  This means I do research.  The way this takes place is very similar to a cook’s job.  The kitchen is my head, the ingredients are either pieces already in my memory or pieces I can borrow from the articles available on the market.  Then, using various recipes I am supposed to come out with tasty lemmas, theorems and more generally, an entire menu (of theorems), usually called a theory.  

I also teach at college level, usually something which has to do with probability, where I know a thing or two.  

Tips I use for doing research:

First I google it.  Usually this turns out a lot of irrelevant links or sometimes very far from what one wants.  This is particularly nontrivial if you do not know the exact keywords.  In fact, you may never find the right thing if you do not have the right keywords. 

If you get a hint, like a certain paper, one gen go up and down the citation tree and find the recent state of affairs in the area.  For example the mathscinet (at least to the newer articles) has a good reference organization where they give links not only to what the paper cites but also where the paper is cited.   

In the end, if there is something which is in a book, then you have to go to the library and get a hard copy.  This is the harder part.

Aside from math, I like hiking places and nature spots.  These places give a little sanity to the body but probably more importantly to the mind.  In the link above with Photos you can see some of the sites I visited (while I had the camera with me which usually I do not) and I found to be interesting.   These are some pictures I took in the past.   I mean ancient times which I really like.