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About Me

Albert at the Louvre

I am currently a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at Georgia Tech. I am studying additive combinatorics with my advisor, Ernie Croot. I am interested in sum-product inequalities, the structure of sumsets, and Ramsey-type problems. Closely related fields that I am also interested in are combinatorial geometry, graph theory, number theory, and harmonic analysis.

Contact Information:
Albert Bush
Department of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology
686 Cherry Street
Atlanta, GA 30332
Office: Skiles 151
Office Phone: (404) 894-6485

Email: abush9 AT math DOT gatech DOT edu

Curriculum Vitae, Research Statement, and Teaching Statement:
Research Statement
Teaching Statement

Few products, many h-fold sums. Submitted, 2014.
Order-preserving Freiman isomorphisms. Submitted, 2014.
Sets of rich lines in general position. Submitted, 2014.
Minimum degree thresholds for bipartite graph tiling. Journal of Graph Theory, 2011.

Slides from Talks:
Few products, many h-fold sums. New horizons in additive combinatorics, Montreal, 2014.
On the maximum number of rich lines in general position. Emory Combinatorics Seminar.
Indexed Energy. Georgia Tech Combinatorics Seminar.