Head and shoulders photo of Anna.  She is a caucasian woman with wavy hair falling a couple inches below her shoulders.  The shot is framed by a whiteboard with hand-drawn diagrams.  Anna is holding a small model of an RNA molecule in her left hand.

Anna Kirkpatrick

Graduate Student
George Institute of Technology

About Me

I am a third year student in the interdisciplinary Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization program at Georgia Tech. My advisor is Christine Heitsch. I am fortunate to be supported financially as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow.


My primary research interests are in discrete mathematical biology, more specifically the combinatorics of RNA structure prediction. My other research interests include computational complexity questions on discrete structures and the combinatorics of substructure occurrence.

Here is my CV.

Papers and preprints

The complexity of counting poset and permutation patterns with Joshua Cooper.

Critical sets for sudoku and general graph colorings with Joshua Cooper.


My hobbies include building with electronics and reading science fiction.

Contact Info

Email: akirkpatrick3@gatech.edu
Office: Skiles 127A

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