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How to run M2?
Shortcuts for emacs
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Ways to run M2:
  • Download and install the stable version from Macaulay2 website.
  • Should you have trouble with installation (a common problem for Windows users) and/or desire a developer's version... get a virtual machine (VM), for instance, via VirtualBox.
    • Install and run VirtualBox.
    • Download the .ova file (~1.6Gb, May 2016).
    • In the menu, select "File"->"Import appliance" and use the file above.
    • The best way to run M2 is from emacs.
    This will provide Ubuntu 16.04 (username: m2 password: m2) with Macaulay2 installed. Note:
    • You may want to have at least 5Gb of disk space for this.
    • The upper bound on the VM size is set at 8Gb.
  • Try M2 via a web interface complete with several tutorials.
  • If you are a Georgia Tech math student you should have access to the School of Math lab computers: M2 is installed on all of them. There is also a restricted access server providing a "try M2" web interface (need a GT login; email me if interested).
(All software mentioned above is free.)