Math 1502: Calculus II
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Math 1502 - Calculus II - Fall 2012

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Time and place:
Lecture: TueThu 9:35--10:55am, Howey (Physics) L1
Recitations: MonWed 9:05--9:55am

Instructor: Anton Leykin
Office: Skiles 220
Phone: (404) 894-2710
Office hours: see webpage

Concludes the treatment of single variable calculus and covers basic linear algebra. The first 1/3 of this course covers some chapters of single variable calculus not treated in Math 1501. The remaining 2/3 is an introduction to linear algebra, the theory of linear equations in several variables. (Prerequisite: Math 1501.)

  • Calculus, one and several variables, Salas, Hille, Etgen, 10th edition. (This text is required.)
  • Linear Algebra, Lay, 4th edition. (Students are required to purchase MyMathLab; no text is required.)

Homework, Quizzes, and Exams:
  • Homework for the calculus portion will not be collected/graded, while the linear algebra portion will be administered through MyMathLab and count towards the course grade.
  • A 15-minute quiz will take place on Wednesday every week except the last week and the weeks of midterm exams. Quiz problems will be similar to the assigned homework problems.
  • There will be three midterm exams and a final exam (see Important Dates). The lowest midterm score will be substituted by the final score if the latter is higher.
  • No make-ups will be given for quizzes and midterms.
  • Homework problem sets and practice problems for the midterm exams will be posted on the webpage.
  • The usual ten-point scale will be used (A: 90-100%, B: 80-89%, C: 70-79%, D: 60-69%, F: 0-59%); if necessary, adjustments will be made to arrive at a standard grade distribution.
  • The total homework score counts towards 10% of the grade, the total for 10 best quizzes -- 15%, each midterm exam -- 15%, and the final exam earns 30%.
  • Calculators are not allowed.
  • Students with learning disabilities should consult on how to accommodate their needs.
  • All students should be aware of their individual responsibilities under the Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code (
Additional resources:
Important dates:
  • [Wed Sep 26] -- Exam 1
  • [Fri Oct 12] -- Last day to drop the course with a "W"
  • [Oct 15-16] -- Fall recess (no classes)
  • [Wed Oct 24] -- Exam 2
  • [Nov 22-23] -- Official school holiday (no classes)
  • [Wed Nov 28] -- Exam 3
  • [Thu Dec 13 (8:00am)] -- Final