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Research Cluster 2018

In Summer 2018, I will run a research cluster on topics related to surfaces and polynomials. In particular, there will be project on mapping class groups of surfaces and on Thurston maps (branched covers of the sphere over itself), which are topological versions of polynomials.

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Research Cluster 2017: Geometric Group Theory

The 2017 REU featured three projects about mapping class groups:

  • Symmetric mapping class groups and the symplectic group
    • Team leader: Becca Winarski (U Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
    • Group members: Sarah Davis (GaTech), Laura Stordy (Agnes Scott), Queena Zhou (GaTech)
    • Poster: click here
    • Presentation: Sarah Davis, Tech Topology Conference, Georgia Tech, Dec 2017
    • Recognition: Accepted to JMM 2018 Undergraduate Poster Session
    • Award: Spring 2018 Travel President's Undergraduate Research Award, Queena Zhou
    • Paper forthcoming
  • Big mapping class groups
    • Team leader: Justin Lanier (GaTech)
    • Group members: Santana Afton (William & Mary), Sam Freedman (Michigan), Liping Yin (Ga State)
    • Poster: click here
    • Presentation: Mapping Class Groups of Infinite-Type Surfaces, Santana Afton and Sam Freedman, MathFest 2017
    • Awards: Santana Afton and Sam Freedman, Outstanding Presentation (top 15%), MathFest 2017
    • Paper forthcoming
  • Nielsen-Thurston classification algorithms
    • Team leader: Balazs Strenner (GaTech)
    • Group members: Ian Katz (Gatech), Yandi Wu (Berkeley), Yiahn Zhou (GaTech)
    • Poster: click here
    • Presentations: Dynamics of Surface Homeomorphisms, Yandi Wu, MathFest 2017 and YMC 2017
    • Awards: Yandi Wu, Outstanding Presentation (top 15%), MathFest 2017
    • Paper: Click here
    • Software forthcoming: MaCAW
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Participants from 2017 have been accepted to graduate school in the mathematics Ph.D. programs at Georgia Tech (four students), Wisconsin (two students), Brown, and Illinois. One student will enroll in the Masters program in data science at Harvard and one will enroll in the Ph.D. program in Computer Science at Yale. One student was accepted to the mathematics REU at Berkeley for 2018.

During the summer we also ran several professional development seminars on applying to graduate school, life as a graduate student, and making/presenting a poster.

We gratefully acknowledge support from the National Science Foundation, the Georiga Institute College of Sciences and School of Mathematics, and the 3M Undergraduate Research Grant.

Research Group 2016: Algebraic Geometry and Geometric Group Theory

The 2016 REU did reading courses using An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry by Karen Smith and Office Hours with a Geometric Group Theorist, edited by Matt Clay and myself. We also held workshops in programming and studied research problems about automorphisms of free groups. Participants included Sarah Butchko (Indiana), Ryan Dickmann (GaTech), and Charles Wang (GaTech) and mentors included my graduate students, Justin Lanier and Shane Scott.