Emma Cohen

Skiles 152

I am a sixth-year Ph.D. student in mathematics and ACO at Georgia Tech. I received my B.S. in math from Caltech in 2011.

My research interests include discrete math and theoretical computer science, including graph theory, algorithms, complexity, and computability. I am currently working with Prasad Tetali on various extremal problems in enumerative graph theory and on Markov chain mixing. I am also interested in combinatorial aspects of machine learning theory.


This is my CV as of August 2016.

From Spring 2014 through Spring 2015 I was a co-organizer of the ACO Student Seminar, which aims to give students and postdocs a forum to share their research results or present on a topic of general interest.


The Widom-Rowlinson Model, the Hard-Core Model and the Extremality of the Complete Graph. With Péter Csikvári, Will Perkins and Prasad Tetali. In submission. arXiv

On the Widom-Rowlinson Occupancy Fraction in Regular Graphs. With Will Perkins and Prasad Tetali. Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 2016. arXiv / journal

Lattice Path Matroids: Negative Correlation and Fast Mixing. With Damir Yeliussizov, and Prasad Tetali. In submission. arXiv

Inverse Expander Mixing for Hypergraphs. With Dhruv Mubayi, Peter Ralli, and Prasad Tetali. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 23.2 (2016): P2-20. arXiv / journal

Active Learning and Best-Response Dynamics. With Maria-Florina Balcan, Christopher Berlind, Avrim Blum, Kaushik Patnaik, and Le Song. NIPS 2014. arXiv / conference



I like to sing and play the cello, but I'm not very good at the viola or violin. I am particularly fond of Renaissance madrigals and Romantic era chamber music.