Math 3215, Prob and Stats, Fall 2011

Homework 1 (due Wednesday, September 7 at the end of class ):

Homework 2 (due Friday, September 23):

Homework 3 (due Monday, October 10):

Homework 4 (due Friday, November 4).

Homework 5 (due Wednesday, November 30).

Click here and here for some notes on Markov chains and processes.

Click here for a classic article on Hidden Markov Models.

Click here for HOMEWORK #6. I will not collect this homework. I am putting it up here for your benefit, to use to study for the final exam.

*** Your final exam is scheduled for Firday, December 16 at 2:50pm. ***

For the final exam, know all the material in the two study sheets above, as well as all the material on hypothesis testing, maximum likelihood estimators, minimum variance estimators. Be able to use all the different pdf's we have encountered. Also, just to remind you: YOU ARE ALLOWED A FORMULA SHEET FOR THE FINAL. This sheet should not include definitions -- only formulas.