Math 3225, Honors Prob. and Stats, Fall 2010

For a copy of the course syllabus, click here

Click here for some notes.

Click here for some additional lecture notes (most of which I will not cover).

I have decided to add two office hours: Let's say Thursdays from 1:05-1:55, and Wednesdays from 2:05 - 2:55 (after class).

For a copy of the notes on the Lovasz Local Lemma, click here .

For a note on the ``Birthday problem'' about 23 people sharing a birthday, see this note .

Homework 1 (to be turned in Friday, Sept. 24)

Homework 2 (to be turned in with the exam Oct. 13).

Homework 3 (due Monday, Nov. 8).

Homework 4 (Wednesday, November 24 (turn in with midterm) ).