Workshop in Convexity and geometric aspects of Harmonic Analysis

December 9-13, 2019

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

This workshop will feature five three-hour lecture courses. Several hours a day shall be allocated for research discussions in groups, on the topics related to the lecture courses. The participants shall be encouraged to propose problems for discussion before and during the conference.

Researchers at early stages in their career, such as graduate students, postdocs, and tenure track professors, are particularly encouraged to participate.

All the lectures and discussions are held at Bill Moore Student Succes center at Georgia Tech campus, Atlanta, GA. The lectures are at the press rooms 8A/B (on the second floor), and discussions are at the same floor in the skyboxes.

The participants who applied for funding early enough should have already received information in regards to their accommodation booking.

In addition, those who applied for funding early enough, will get their travel partially or fully reimbursed: those traveling from the US or Canada will get up to $200 reimbursed, and those traveling from overseas will get up to $800. Additional reimbursement may be possible, but is not guaranteed.

Some information in regards to the problems for the discussions during the conference was already sent to all registered participants.

Limited time slots will be allocated for short talks by junior participants -- see abstracts and schedule. There will also be a poster session during the reception on Monday.

Contact: Galyna Livshyts at


  • Shiri Artstein, Tel-Aviv University

    Topic: Dualities, measure concentration and transportation

  • Alexander Koldobsky, University of Missouri-Columbia

    Topic: Fourier analysis in geometric tomography

  • Grigoris Paouris, Texas A&M University

    Topic: Refinements of the concentration of measures under convexity

  • Elisabeth Werner, Case Western Reserve University

    Topic: Floating bodies and approximation

Abstracts of the lecture courses

Abstracts of the short talks by junior participants

Registered participants


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