William Green
School of Mathematics
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology

phone: (404)-894-5365
fax: 404-894-4409
email: green@math.gatech.edu
office: Skiles 101


B.A. 1967, Yale Univ., Mathematics
M.A. 1970, Univ. of Penn., Mathematics
Ph.D. 1973, Univ. of Penn., Mathematics


Functional analysis, particularly operator theory and algebras of operators on a Hilbert space, and applications of functional analysis to network theory, to topological dynamics, and mathematical system theory.


"The extreme points of order intervals of positive operators," Advances in Applied Mathematics 15 (1994), 360-370 (with T.D. Morley).

"Parallel sums of operators," in Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, Vol. 51 (1990) Part 2 (devoted to the proceedings of the 1988 AMS Summer Institute in Operator Theory/Operator Algebras and Applications at the University of New Hampshire), American Mathematical Society, Providence, R.I., pp. 129-133 (with T.D. Morley).

"Parallel sums and norm convergence," Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing (Special Issue: Advances in Mathematical Circuit Theory) 9 (1990), 213-222 (with T. D. Morley).

"Operator means, norm convergence and matrix functions," in Systems and Control Theory 5 (Proceedings of the 1989 International Symposium on the Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems),edited by Kaashoek, van Schuppen and Ran, Birkhauser Boston, Inc., 1990, pp. 551-556 (with T. D. Morley).


Named to list of "Top Ten Profs" by editors of Georgia Tech Course Critique, 1981.

Recognized by Office of Minority Educational Development and Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers for service to minority students, May, 1983.


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