Math 4318 -- Prof. Green -- Spring Semester 2008
Real Analysis II

Instructor Dr. W. L. Green
Room 134 Skiles
Telephone: 404 894 4312

Class Meeting Place/Time Skiles 240 14:05 - 14:55 -- MWF

  1. General Information. This course meets for lectures on MWF from 2:05 until 2:55 PM in Room 240 of Skiles Building. Please make sure you are properly registered. My office is in Room 134 of Skiles Building, my office phone is 894-4312, and my e-mail address is My office hours (tentative) are Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 PM, or by appointment. I respond more rapidly to telephone messages than to e-mail.
  2. Material. The text for this course is Robert Bartle's The Elements of Real Analysis, second edition. You should read sections 25, 27-33, 35-45, but read them in the order in which we take them up in class. For the first week, you should read 35-37.
  3. Homework and Tests. Homework will be assigned, and some of it will be collected and graded, provided we can find a grader for this class. For a list of assigned problems, see the Problems web page. Please turn in the problems that are in boldface, as I call for them in class. I strongly urge you to do all of the assigned problems. Please write neatly, clearly, and in complete sentences. There will be two hour-long tests and a final examination. Tentative dates for hour tests are
    February 22 (Friday) Hour Test 1
    March 31 (Monday) Hour Test 2
    The final examination will take place as scheduled by the Office of the Registrar.
    First homework assignment: Problems in bold from Sections 35-37.
  4. Grading. The hour tests, homework average and final examination will be counted with the following weights.
    Homework 15%
    Hour Tests (2 of them)   25% each
    Final Examination 35%
    Students with questions regarding the grading of a test must return the test to me, with a note on a separate piece of paper, explaining the question, within one week of the date on which the test was returned.

    Please be aware of the Institute's honor code and adhere scrupulously to a policy of academic honesty. If you wish to know whether some procedure is allowed, please ask me. Calculators are allowed (but are probably largely useless) on the work in this course, but wherever it is possible to do so, you should provide an exact answer rather than an approximation (e.g., 1/7 rather than 0.14). All examinations are closed book, and without cooperation.

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