Math 4305 BU and BG

Topics in linear algebra

Summer 2005

Lecture time and room: MWF 2:40-3:50 pm, Skiles 249.


From 05/16 through 06/24: Jorge Viveros.

    Office: Skiles 152.
    Office hours: MW 1:30-2:30pm or by appointment.

From 06/27 through 08/04: Dr. William L. Green.

    Office: Skiles 134.
    Office hours: TBA.

Textbook: STRANG, Gilbert. Linear algebra and its applications. 3rd edition, 1988. Brooks/Cole. ISBN: 0-15-551005-3.

Course topics

We will cover chapters 1 through 6 in the textbook and singular value decomposition and the pseudoinverse (appendix A). If time permits we will also include either chapter 7 or 8 and Jordan form (appendix B). Here is a detailed list of the course contents.

You can review the catalogue description for math 4305.


There will be two in-class exams, 30% each, and a comprehensive final, 40%. Letter grades will be determined according to the following standard scale:

 90% ≤ A ≤ 100%
80% ≤ B < 90%
70% ≤ C < 80%
60% ≤ D < 70%
            F < 60%.

If a curve is needed, it will be calculated after the final exam. Exam regrades will be accepted up to 1 week following distribution of graded exams to the class. Only under special circumstances will a student be allowed to make up a test; if applicable, a doctor's note or a letter from the dean of students will be required.

Homework: about three times a week list of problems from your textbook will be posted for you to practice. Homework may be be collected and corrected but it will not count toward your final grade; however, you are strongly encouraged to work on as many of the assigned problems as you can.

Class notes: even though I would prefer you read the textbook, as I prepare for class I tend to write detailed lecture notes or just scribblings (time, you know?). I'll try to post them regularly if you think they could help you understand better the material!

1st week.
Appendix A: (4x4 example of LU factorization with permutation)
2ndweek: more notes on ch 1 (there's no page 20 yet). notes on ch 2 (page 28 is in the next set).
3rd week. In preparation, a more definitive version is still to appear.

Grade distributions: will be posted in due course.

Important announcements: additional information will be posted as needed. Please check the web page regularly.

Sample test 1 (alpha) (Solutions to alpha)      Sample test 1 (beta) (Solutions to beta)

• For your benefit, we tried to write detailed answers for the sample tests. You may want to write answers whose level of explanation would also take into account the 70-min time constraint.

• You may bring to the test one sheet of notes, letter size, both sides, written with your own hand writting. The use of calculators, classnotes and texbooks will not be allowed.

• Test 1 will cover all sections indicated in the homework problem list. If a section is not mentioned in the hw list it won't be included in the test.

Relevant dates

Please visit the oscar web to see the Summer 2005 official school calendar, finals schedule. and registration calendar

Please take note that the dates for tests 1 and 2 are *tentative*; however, if they change, the new date will not be more than a week apart from the original date posted below.

May 16th (Mon): first day of class.
May 30th (Mon): holiday.
Jun 15th (Wed) Test 1 Solutions
Jun 24th (Fri): drop day/midterm.
Jul 4th (Mon.): holiday.
Jul 15th (Fri): Test 2 Test/Solutions (posted 07/15)
Jul 29th (Fri): last day of classes.
Aug 3rd (Wed): 2:50-5:40pm, final exam. Solutions

Useful and interesting links

Prof. Alfred Andrew's math 4305 AU/AG/Q/Q1 web page. Take note that, although this is the same class as ours, the scope of our course differs from that of Prof. Andrew's. You can also look at the syllabus of Prof. Andrew's 4305 class in Summer 2004, Summer 2003 and Summer 2001.

Here's a link to the web page for 4305 as taught by Marcio Gameiro in Summer 2004.

Search Georgia Tech's library catalog.

Prof. Gilbert Strang's web page at MIT. Check the material related to linear algebra.

The International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS).

Buy the textbook (used or new) on line from Amazon or from Abebooks.

Please keep in mind that as students of the Georgia Institute of Technology we will abide by the academic honor code.

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