Professional development seminar

Preparing for a career in academia (Aug. 19)

Teaching opportunities at Tech (Sept. 10)

Strategies for time management (Oct. 1)

Time management for faculty is a BIG issue. Below are just a few pointers to more information. Search online if you need/want more and/or different.

Some ins and outs of NSF grant funding (Nov. 7) and Beyond intellectual merit: NSF broader impacts (April 8)

See above but replace "time management" with "funding." Search for "grantsmanship" for more general advice about grant writing.

How (not) to give a talk (Jan. 15)

See above about the ubiquity of advice available online. Start searching for "scientific talk" or even "mathematics talk" to target the most relevant.

Tales from the front, part I (Feb. 11) and Tales from the front, part II (March 11)

Vast amounts of job search advice/information are available online ranging from mathematics specific through academia more broadly to employment in general.