1502- Calculus II  (Fall 2007)

MATH 1502 Instructor
Jean Bellissard
Professor of Mathematics and Physics
School of Math, Skiles 132 ,

Phone: (404) 385-2179 (Math),
Fax: (404) 894-4409
e-mail: jeanbel@math.gatech.edu
Howey Physics L2  Tuesday-Thursday 12:05-1:25pm
Monday-Wednesday 12:05-12:55pm

Teaching Assistant
Recitation Office hours Office hours Room
Ruoting Gong.  Skiles 202 M 1-2pm, W 2-3pm
French 104
Hao Deng Skiles 240 Tu-Th 12-1pm
Skiles 163
Alessandro Pugliese Skiles 254 W 2-3pm, Th 4-5pm Skiles 145
Craig Sloane  Skiles 170 Tu-Th 10-11
Skiles 166

Office Hours: Skiles  132  Tuesday 3:15-4:15 pm

Dates: from August 21st to December  6th, 2007

Calendar of the Week (go to full Fall calendar )

Final Exam
Wednesday December 12

Howey L2
All topics treated by the instructor in his lectures
by the TA's in the recitation classes
or in the homeworks
can be part of the final exam

See the Course Outline below

Training exercises

Course Outline
Topic Text Sections # Hours

Taylor Polynomials and Taylor Approximation

12.6-12.7 in S.H.&E.  3
L'Hospital's Rule and Improper Integrals
11.5-11.7 in S.H.&E. 3
Infinite Series I, II,
12.1-12.5 in S.H.&E. 6
Power Series
12.8-12.9 in S.H.&E. 3
Numerical Integration
8.7 in S.H.&E. 1
Introduction to Vectors and Matrices I, II, III,
1.1-1.6 in C2 6
Systems of Linear Equations & Row Reduction I, II,III,
2.1-2.6 in C2 6
Kernel, Image, Subspaces, & Least Squares  I, II, III,
3.1-3.4 in C2 4
Orthogonal Projections, Gram-Schmidt, QR Factorization I, II,
3.5-3.7 in C2 3
Determinants & Cross Product I, II,
 4.1-4.3 in C2 3
Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors & Diagonalization I, II,
5.1-5.5 in C2 6



Salas, Hille & Etgen  (SH&E), Calculus, 10th edition, Sections 8 & 10-11
Eric Carlen, Maria Conceição  Carvalho,   (C2)
   Linear Algebra from the beginning, Freeman & Co, New-York 2007

Students are strongly advised to read the sections taught each week in advance, following the weekly Calendar  .
Homework Students are required to do the homework every week (see the weekly Calendar )
The homework will NOT be graded.

Students needing some feedback are advised to turn it in at the Monday recitation class and to ask the TA to grade it. The homework will serve as a basis for the weekly quizzes, the 1-hour tests and the final exam.
Pop  Quizzes There should be 12 quizzes during the Fall semester, approximately once a week
(see the weekly Calendar ).

The pop quiz  can be offered at any time either in recitation classes or during the lectures.
It will be a test on the homework that is due on the beginning of the week.

Each quizz contains 5 short questions, each graded 0,1 or 2, similar to the ones addressed in the homework of the week.

Only the 10 best quizzes will be counted in the final grade. An absence on a quizz will be graded 0 (zero)  (so that only if the student is absent less than twice, it will not affect the final grade).
1-Hour Tests
There will be TWO 1-Hour test during the Fall semester.

#1 : Wednesday September 26, 12:05-12:55pm
#2 :   Monday     November 5,   12:05-12:55pm
Final Exam 
Wednesday December 12, 2007 8:00am-10:50am.

Final Grade

Grade Distribution:

1-Hour Tests


90% for an A
80% for a   B
70% for a   C
60% for a   D

Training Exercises (back)

Honors Calculus 1512, Fall 2004
Calculus II 1502 Fall 2007
          August 25 2004 (15min quiz)
  September 1  2004 (15min quiz)
  September 8 2004 (15min quiz)
          September 22 2004 ( 1/2 hour test)

Calculus II 1502 Fall 2005
           1502 Dec 16 2005 ( final)
          Aug 29 2007  (15min quizz)
  Sept 06  2007 (15min quizz)
  Sept 12 2007  (15min quizz)
          Sept 19 2007  (15min quizz)
  Sept 26  2007 ( 50 min Test)
  Oct   03  2007 (15min quizz)
  Oct   17 2007  (30min quizz)
          Oct   24 2007  (15min quizz)
          Oct   31 2007  (15min quizz)
  Nov 05  2007  ( 50 min Test)
          Nov  12 2007  (15min quizz)
          Nov  19 2007  (15min quizz)
          Nov  28 2007  (15min quizz)