1502- Calculus II  (Fall 2009)

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MATH 1502
Instructor: Jean Bellissard

Professor of Mathematics and Physics
School of Math, Skiles 132,
Phone: (404) 385-2179 (Math),
Fax: (404) 894-4409
e-mail: jeanbel@math.gatech.edu

Office hours
Skiles 132  Monday 2-3PM
                 Friday    2-3PM

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Lectures Howey Physics L3  Tuesday-Thursday 9:35-10:55am
Recitations Monday-Wednesday 9:05-9:55am

Section Teaching Assistant Recitation Office hours
Office hours Room
D1 Casey Meredith
Skiles 240
Friday 9-10AM
Skiles 146A
D2 Emery, Albert
Skiles 256
Monday 1-2PM
Skiles 230
D3 Hoffman, Paige
Skiles 169 Tuesday 2-3PM Skiles 230
D4 Kaloti, Amey
Skiles 243 Mon-Wed 10-11AM
Skiles 144
D5 Fletcher, Sarah
Skiles 270 Monday 10-11AM
Skiles 146A