2401- Calculus III  (Fall 2012)

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Course Outline

Topics Text Section # Hours
Vector Calculus, parametric curves and motion 14.1-14.7 8
Functions of several variables, visualization and partial differentiation 15.1-15.6 7
Functions of several variables, gradients, Taylor's theorem in several variables,
Newton's method in several variables, optimization, differentials
16.1-16.9 11
Double and triple integrals 17.1-17.10 12
Vector analysis: line integrals, surface integrals,
theorems of Green, Gauss, and Stokes
18.1-18.10 12


Salas, Hille & Etgen, Calculus, 10th edition,John Wiley and Sons, Inc., (2007), Sections 14-18


Students are strongly advised to read the sections taught each week in advance, following the weekly Calendar

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Students can get helped in several ways
1)- By attending the lectures and the recitation classes. It is highly recommended to attend all of them for a full understanding of the material offered. In addition pop quizzes can be offered at any time without warning.
2)- By dedicating 90 minutes per day to reading the material of the week, working at the homework and training on exercises.
3)- By attending the office hours either with the instructor or with the TA's or both.
4)- Students can get help at Math Lab Mondays through Thursdays from 11 AM until 5 PM in Clough 278 : some TA's are available to answer questions addressed by students.
5)- By asking the Instructor for a personal appointment and discussing his/her personal problems.


Students are strongly advised to do the homework every week (see weekly Calendar ). The homework will NOT be graded.
Students needing some feedback are advised to turn it in on the due date to the TA and to ask the TA to grade it.
The homework will serve as a basis for the weekly quizzes, the 1-hour tests and the final exam.


There should be 12 quizzes during the Fall semester, approximately once a week
(see the weekly Calendar ).

The pop quiz can be offered at any time either in recitation classes or during the lectures.
It will be a test on the homework that is due on the beginning of the week.

Each quiz contains 5 short questions, each graded 0,1 or 2, similar to the ones addressed in the homework of the week. The questions are similar to the ones offered in the homework that is to be turned in on the beginning of the week.

Only the 10 best quizzes will be counted in the final grade. An absence on a quiz will be graded 0 (zero).
No made up quiz will be offered for ANY reason UNLESS a mistake is made by the instructor or a TA: the two quizzes discounted can be used by students for planned or unplanned absences or to improve their average.

In case of absence to more than two quizzes for serious reason (such as disease, injury,...), the student must show the documents justifying the absence to the Instructor. Then the grade counted for the quiz in the final will be obtained as the average of the quizzes attended.

50min. Test

There will be TWO 50 min. tests during the Fall semester.

#1 : Thursday September 20th, 3:05pm

#2 : Thursday November 8th, 3:05pm

An absence to the test will be graded 0 (zero). However if the absence is justified (disease, injury, ...), the student must bring the documents justifying the absence to the Instructor. Then a made up Test will be offered.

Final Exam

Friday December 14th,   2:50-5:40pm    Howey L2

An absence to the final be graded 0 (zero). However if the absence is justified (disease, injury, ...), the student must (i) warn the instructor as soon as possible, in any case before the end of the exam week, (ii) bring the documents justifying the absence to the Instructor.
Then the student will receive an I (incomplete) and will be responsible to take action during the following semester to complete his/her curriculum.


Quizzes 25% 90% for an A
Tests 35% Grade distribution 80% for a   B
Final 40% 70% for a   C
60% for a   D