4280-Information Theory  (Spring 2017)

 MATH 4280
Jean Bellissard
Professor of Mathematics and Physics
School of Math, Skiles 132
Phone: (404) 385-2179 (Math)
Fax: (404) 894-4409
e-mail: jeanbel@math.gatech.edu


Skiles 268  Monday-Wednesday-Friday 1:05-1:55pm

MATH 4280 AG     CRN 28890
MATH 4280 AU     CRN 28891
ESL 4280L SME    CRN

Office Hours
Final Exam
Skiles  132, only by appointment
January 9th till April 28th, 2014
Wednesday May 3rd, 2:50-5:40pm

Monthly Calendar (see Calendar)
Final Exam: Wednesday May 3rd, 2:50-5:40pm Skiles 268
April 3-5-7: Kolmogorov Complexity, Turing Machines CT Chap. 14.1-14.3
April 10-12-14: Kolmogorov Complexity CT Chap. 14.4-14.10,
April 17-19-21: Kolmogorov Complexity, CT Chap. 14.11-14.13
April 24-26-28: Review week,

Prerequisite Math 3215 or Math 3225
Textbooks  Elements of Information Theory, Second Edition
 Thomas M. Cover & Joy A. Thomas, Wiley, 2006

  (denoted by CT)

Lectures on Computation

Richard P. Feynman, Westview, Hey & Allen Eds., 1999
Homeworks Five compulsory homework will be proposed periodically during the semester.
The due date must be respected by students
They will be graded and the total grade will be counted for 40% of the final grade.
Final Exam Wednesday May 3rd, 2:50-5:40pm, Skiles 268

The final exam will count for 60% of the final grade

Here are the copies of the Final Exams given in previous years

Final 2011
Final 2014
Final 2016