4782-Quantum Information, quantum computing  (Fall 2009)

 MATH 4782, PHYS 4782, CS4803
Jean Bellissard
Professor of Mathematics and Physics
School of Math, Skiles 132 , Physics Howey W511

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Course listed
jointly with
Skiles 243  Tuesday-Thursday 1:35-2:55am

MATH 4782 AG CRN 86823
MATH 4782 AU CRN 86824
PHYS  4782 A     CRN 86992
CS4803 QIC  CRN  89398

Office Hours: Skiles  132  By appointement

Dates: August 18 till December 3, 2009

Final Report is due on Monday Nov 30th 
(instructions , report )
(Final Exam: training exercises

November 17th & 19th:  Quantum Error Corrections II, QCQI Sections 10
November 24th: (Thanksgiving on 26th) Quantum Error Corrections III, QCQI Sections 10
December 1st & 3rd: Quantum Error Corrections IV, QCQI Sections 10

  Homework 6 : 
1)- Read carefully Nielsen-Chang, Sections 9-10.1-10.3
2)- T
reat as many exercises as possible
3)- Turn in exercises
(will not be graded) # 9.3, 9.5, 9.8, 9.10, 9.15, 9.17, 9.18, 9.22, 10.3, 10.4, Pb 9.1
Due date :    Thursday December 1st, 1:35PM
  (see news)

Course Outline and Scheduling  (see )
Topic Text Sections Estimated Date (2009)

What is a qbit ? 1-qbit gates, 1-qbit states

QCQI Sections 1.2 & 2
Aug 18-20
N-qbits,entanglement, Bell's inequalities 
QCQI Sections 1.3 & 2 Aug 25-27
Principles of QMechanics & Quantum Circuits, QCQI Sections 2.2 & 4  Sept 1-3
Experiments: introduction  (invited guest)

Sept 8-10
Quantum Fourier transform
QCQI Sections 5.1  Sept 15-17
Phase estimate, order finding Schor's algorithm QCQI Section 5.2-5.3 Sept 22-24
Shor's & Quantum Search algorithm
QCQI Section 5.3, 6.1-6.2 Sept 29-Oct. 1
Measurement I, II,
QCQI Section 8 Oct 8-13-15
(oct 5-6 recess)
Measurement III, IV QCQI Section 8 Oct 20-22 & Oct 27-29
Trace distance, Fidelity
QCQI Section 9 Nov 3-5
Quantum Error correction I, II, III, IV
QCQI Sections 10 Nov10 till Dec 3
(nov 26 Thanksgiving)

Prerequisites MATH 2401; familiarity with matrix calculus and finite dimensional vector spaces.
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (QCQI)
 by Michael A. Nielsen, Isaac L. Chuang .
 Cambridge Univ Press, (2000)
Homework Students will be required to turn in a series of homework periodically.
Please check the web page weekly.
The homeworks will be graded.
They will count for 25% in the final grade.
Report Each student must write a  30-35 pages report (see instructions )
Submission:           Thursday September 17th 2009

Progress Report:      Thursday October 22nd 2009

Final Report:         Monday November 30th 2009
Final Exam December 11, 2009  11:30am-2:20pm Skiles 243  
Program :    All Sections treated in class during the Fall semester 2009,
except Sections 7 & 11, in the Book
                Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
(by Michael A. Nielsen, Isaac L. Chuang . Cambridge Univ Press, (2000) )

Final Grade

Grade Distribution:




90% for an A
80% for a   B
70% for a   C
60% for a   D

  Course description
Quantum Mechanics is the law of nature governing very small systems. Such systems,
like electrons, atoms, nuclear spins, photons, are liable to store and transmit information.
Such small quantum systems do not couple easily to the rest of the world, so that they evolve with
no loss of information as long as no measurement is made on them. It is thus, in principle, possible
to make such a system compute for us, much faster than any available computer and have the loss of
information only at the very end, while retrieving the result.

The aim of the course, opened to students coming from various areas, is to introduce
them to quantum computing with a minimal amount of perequisites.

By lack of time, the content of the course, however will not treat fully some important aspects of
quantum computing such as physical realizations, (QCQI Section 7) or quantum information theory
(QCQI Section 11) which will only be introduced  and superficially developed.

For an overview see
Two Lectures  on
"Quantum Computing"
        "I: Introduction. Qubits, Quantum circuits (pdf) "
                                      (PowerPoint version 0.4MB)
        "II: Algorithms, Error-correcting codes, Physical Realizations (pdf)"
                                      (PowerPoint version 0.7MB)

     delivered at Georgia Institute of Technology,
     School of Mathematics, Atlanta, GA, October 15 & 29,  2003

Lecture Quantum Computing: what is it ?     Power Point file   
    School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology, Thursday March 6, 2008

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