Textbook for the Spring 2005 semester

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
by Michael A. Nielsen, Isaac L. Chuang .
Cambridge Univ Press, (2000)


A list of  books

Quantum Theory   Concepts and Methods
(Fundamental Theories of Physics, Vol 57)
by Asher Peres
Kluwer Academic Publishers (1995)

Quantum Computing and Communications
by Michael Brooks
Springer Verlag (1999)

An Introduction to Quantum Computing Algorithms
(Progress in Computer Science and  Applied Logic, V. 19)
by Arthur O. Pittenger
Birkhauser (1999)

The Physics of Quantum Information:
Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Teleportation,  Quantum Computation,
by Dirk Bouwmeester (Editor), Artur Ekert (Editor), Anton Zeilinger (Editor),
Springer Verlag (2000)

Quantum Computing
by Mika Hirvensalo
Springer Verlag (2001)

Quantum Computation
by Samuel J. Lomonaco, Jr.  Editor
Proceedings of the Symposia of Applied Mathematics
American Mathematical Society
Providence, Rhode Island (2002)

Quantum Computation
by Jozef Gruska
McGraw-Hill  Publishing Company (1999)
ISBN: 0077095030


The Code Book : The Evolution Of Secrecy From Mary,
To Queen Of Scots To Quantum Crytography,

by Simon Singh
Doubleday (1999)
ISBN: 0385495315

Introduction to Quantum Computation and Information
by Hoi-Kwong Lo, Sandu Popescu & Tim Spiller
World Scientific Pub Co (2001)
ISBN: 981024410X

The Feynman Processor : Quantum Entanglement and
the Computing Revolution

by Gerard J. Milburn, Paul Davies
Perseus Publishing (1999)
ISBN: 0738201731

The Bit and the Pendulum:From Quantum Computing to M Theory
The New Physics of Information
by Tom Siegfried
John Wiley & Sons 1 edition (2000)
ISBN: 0471399744

Quest for the Quantum Computer
by David Deutsch & Julian Brown
Simon & Schuster; 1 Touchstone edition (2001)
ISBN: 0684870045

Classical and Quantum Computation
by A. Yu. Kitaev, A. H. Shen, M. N. Vyalyi
American Mathematical Society (2002)
ISBN: 0821832298

A Shortcut Through Time : The Path to the Quantum Computer
by George Johnson
Knopf (2003)
ISBN: 0375411933