I begin a short introductory course on Quantum Information Theory as a start of a new study/research seminar in this area. We plan to have the talks on both its sides: Mathematical foundations (quantum probability, entropy and measurement, quantum mathematical statistics), and Applications in quantum information technologies such as quantum computations, control and communications. Those who are interested to learn the relevant mathematics or to contribute to these areas of applications in order to challenge the new funding opportunities such as for example MathFit EPSRC Program, are welcomed to participate (Funding bodies consider these as the areas of highest priority).

The introductory course is going to be at the postgraduate level. It will contain the elements of quantum probability and quantum statistics which are needed for QI, and it will end with open mathematical problems such as quantum formulation of topological, Sinai and Kolmogorov epsilon-entro[py, and quantum Shannon theorems. I plan to do this by the analogy with the corresponding classical theories and theorems. No knowledge in quantum theory will be assumed, although any such knowledge will be useful. However one should know well linear algebra, matrices (or better operator theory), and some basics from classical probability and statistics (or classical information theory) will help. Undergraduate students who want to broaden their education in these new areas on the intersection of mathematics, physics and computer science, would also be welcomed.

The first QI seminar is arranged for this Wednesday at 2.30 in C29, and it is followed by the talk of Denes Petz on Random Matrices in the framework of joint Math Phys - Pure Math seminars. Next seminars will be either at the same time in A1 or on Mondays, see the updated timetable on the web page. Please reply if you definitely want to attend but can't make it at the arranged times, want to suggest a related topic or a speaker, or don't want to receive father information.

For more on these topics press here to access the Nottingham Quantum Information research pages.

A tentative program of the Quantum Information introductory course in November:

31th October 2001 Wednesday 2.30 in C29 Quantum events, probabilities, states, algebras and representations
05th November 2001 Monday 3.00 in A1 Composite systems, product and entangled states, mixing and purification
12th November 2001 Monday 3.00 in A1 Quantum entropies via relative entropy, mutual information and capacities
19th November 2001 Monday 3.00 in A1 Quantum channels, conditionings, couplings, pairings and encodings
26th November 2001 Monday 3.00 in A1 Quantum Fisher information, Cramer-Rao type inequalities and uncertainties

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