An Implicitization Challenge for Binary Factor Analysis

Web page for the paper by María Angélica Cueto, Enrique Augusto Tobis, and Josephine Yu

The computational results in this web page were obtained using the polyhedral software packages GFAN, POLYMAKE, implementations done by the authors in Perl, Python, and C++.

First secant of Segre embedding

The ideal of the first secant of the Segre embedding is generated by 48 polynomials (the 3 × 3-minors of the 4 × 4-flattenings of the 2 × 2 × 2 × 2-table (pijkl)i,j,k,l). The tropicalization of this variety was computed with gfan.

Newton polytope of the defining equation

We provide a list of all vertices (up to symmetry), together with an objective vector. In addition, we provide facet directions together with the cones in the tropical variety containing these vectors.

Software implementations

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