Math 2602 (G): Linear and Discrete Mathematics

Spring 2012, Georgia Tech

Schedule (subject to change)
Instructor: Josephine Yu (
Lectures: MWF 1:05-1:55pm in Howey (Physics) L3
Office hours: MW 10-11 am and by appointment, in Skiles 223

Textbook: Linear and Discrete Mathematics, special edition for Georgia Tech.
Topics: Set theory, induction, recurrence relations, complexity, permutations and combinations, counting, probability, graph and tree algorithms, solving linear equations, eigenvalues/vectors, linear programming.

Grading: Quizzes (10%), Best two exams (25% each), Final exam (40%).

Sections: TR 1:05-1:55 pm.
TA email address, office, and office hours: Math Lab Center for academic success: Drop-in and one-on-one tutoring.

Homework Assignments

See schedule.
Homework is not collected or graded.