Math 7012: Enumerative Combinatorics (Graduate level)

Fall 2015, Georgia Tech

Instructor: Josephine Yu (
Office: Skiles 250
You are encouraged to contact me (and your classmates) through Piazza.

Class: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:35 pm - 1:55 pm, in Skiles 257
Office hours: Mondays 1-3pm and by appointment, in Skiles 250.
You are also welcome to talk to me after class (unless I have a meeting to go to).

Course web page:
Syllabus: here

Schedule: Tentative Schedule. I will be updating this throughout the semester.
Piazza: Sign-up link

Course Description

Main textbook: A Course in Enumeration by Martin Aigner. Available online through GT library.

Other texts abd resources (all available online): Tentative list of topics: basic counting principles, generating functions, recurrence relations, combinatorial reciprocity, Ehrhart theory, combinatorial species, tree enumeration, sieve methods, catalan numbers, posets, Moebius inversion, hyperplane arrangements, polytopes, triangulations, symmetric functions. We will adjust this list depending on students' interest and background.

Homework Assignments: