School of Mathematics
686 Cherry St.
Atlanta, GA 30332
Skiles 023
kevin dot kordek «at» math dot gatech dot edu
I am a postdoc in the School of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

My research lies at the intersection of geometric group theory, low-dimensional topology, and algebraic geometry. Specifically, I study the topology and algebra of mapping class groups and related spaces, such as moduli spaces of algebraic curves.

Some activities:
With Dan Margalit and Joan Birman, I organized a special session on mapping class groups.

I was a mentor at the summer 2019 REU at Georgia Tech. My team and I wrote a paper about finite quotients of braid groups, which is here. There is a poster about some aspects of our project here.

We recently established the Georgia Tech DRP. You can read more about it here.