Karim Lounici
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Normal approximation and concentration of spectral projectors of sample covariance (pdf)
with Vladimir Koltchinskii, submitted.

Minimax and adaptive estimation of the Wigner function in quantum homodyne tomography with noisy data (pdf)
with Katia Meziani, Gabriel Peyre, submitted.

Robust Matrix Completion (pdf)
with Olga Klopp and Alexandre B. Tsybakov, submitted.

Accepted Papers

Estimation of Low-Rank Covariance Function (pdf)
with Vladimir Koltchinskii and Alexandre B. Tsybakov
SPA. to appear.

Asymptotics and Concentration Bounds for Bilinear Forms of Spectral Projectors of Sample Covariance (pdf)
with Vladimir Koltchinskii
Annals of Institute Henri Poincare
, to appear.

Concentration inequalities and moment bounds for sample covariance operators (pdf)
with Vladimir Koltchinskii
Bernoulli, to appear.

Variable Selection with Exponential Weights and $l_0$-Penalization (pdf)
with Ery Arias-Castro
Electronic Journal of Statistics, Vol 8 (2014), 328-354.

Sparse principal component analysis with missing observations. (pdf)
High dimensional probability VI, volume 66 of Prog. Proba., Institute
of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) Collections, 327–356, 2013.

High-dimensional covariance matrix estimation with missing observations (pdf)
Bernoulli, Vol 20 Number 3 (2014), 1029-1058.
Oracle Inequalities and Optimal Inference under Group Sparsity (pdf)
with M. Pontil, A.B. Tsybakov and S.A. van de Geer
Annals of Statistics
, Vol 39, Number 4 (2011), 2164-2204.

Nuclear norm penalization and optimal rates for noisy low rank matrix completion (pdf)
with V. Koltchinskii and A.B. Tsybakov
Annals of Statistics,
Vol 39, Number 5 (2011), 2302-2329.

PAC-Bayesian Bounds for Sparse Regression Estimation with Exponential Weights (pdf)
with P. Alquier
Electronic Journal of Statistics, Vol 5 (2011), 127-145.

Uniform Risk Bounds and Confidence Bands in Wavelet Deconvolution (pdf)
with R. Nickl
Annals of Statistics, Vol 39, Number 1 (2011), 201-231.

Sparsity for multi-tasks learning (pdf)
with M. Pontil, A.B. Tsybakov and S.A. van de Geer
Colt (2009).

Sup-norm convergence rate and sign concentration property of Lasso and Dantzig estimators (pdf)
Electronic Journal of Statistics, Vol 2 (2008), 90-102.

Generalized Mirror Averaging and D-convex Aggregation (pdf)
Mathematical Methods of Statistics, Vol 16 (2007),  246-259.