State Contract Airfares

State Contract Airfares are availible for many cities, not so expensive, and fully changable.
Travel arrangements must be made through Travel Incorporated. Call 877 548 2996, ask to speak to the Georgia Tech desk. Explain that you are not a GT employee, and that the charge is to be direct billed.
When travel details are set, I can do the paperwork on my end to get the ticket purchased.

Georgia Tech and Surrounding Area

Click on the image for a larger view. (Ignore the red walking directions, you'll need to walk down a different street now.) North Ave MARTA station, and the best Hotel, the Georigan Terrace.
The walkers route to the School of Math is shown in red.

Mathematics is in the Skiles Building, on the far left of the photo.

Play with the Google Earth File for the same image, and additional information in the tags. (You'll have to save the file as e.g. "GT.kmz" and then open it up with Google Earth, version 4.2)

Georgia Terrace Hotel

Pack your swimsuit. The hotel has a rooftop swimming pool!

The Georgian Terrace Hotel
659 Peachtree Street NE 
Atlanta, Georgia 30308 
Toll free: (800) 651-2316 
Telephone: (404) 897-1991 
Facsimile: (404) 724-0642

From the Airport: Taxis work, but the Subway is a very good deal.

Taxi ride is a set price of (about) $35. Cash is preferred. Subway (MARTA) runs right from the airport, to most hotels, and costs about two dollars. Especially during rush hour times, the MARTA is a good bet! At the airport, follow the signs to MARTA, which is the Atlanta Subway. You'll see the signs after arriving at the baggage claim area.

A ride costs $2.00, and at rush hour is absolutely the best way to go. Most will buy a MARTA card with return for $4.50 from one of the vending machines.

The airport is the end of the south line. Ride the train north, to the North Ave MARTA stop---for the math department, or the Georgia Terrace.

Exit the station--and the building--towards the HEAD of the train. You'll be on 3rd street, once you exit the building. Turn right, walking one block to 3rd and Peachtree. Cross Peachtree, and turn right to get to the Georgian Terrace, the tall building with a glass cylinder going up.

Baronda, at 3rd & Peachtree is a very pleasant Italian resturant, with authentic Pizza. Plenty more options down Peachtree, and the street is safe for walking.

There is a bookstore, and a group of more informal resturants at West Peachtree and 5th street.

Math Department To get to the Math Dept from the Hotel, return to the North Ave MARTA stop, continue along North Ave, crossing the interstate, walking past the Football stadium. Walk up to Cherry street, turn right. Skiles will be the building on the left, directly across from Smith building, and just after Coon.

My office is 208a Skiles. Go into Skiles, and take the second set of doors on your right.

GT hotel and conference center: Go to the Midtown MARTA stop, next stop after the North Ave Stop. There is a free shuttle bus from the station to the hotel. It is also a short walk. See the