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Georgia Tech Announces Expanded Use of Social Media

Posted April 1, 2011 Atlanta, GA

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Dr. Loof Lirpa, Chairman

Institute Committee on Social Media

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The Georgia Institute of Technology has established an Institute Committee on Social Media (ICSM). This committee submitted its recommendation today.  

Beginning immediately, all faculty are required to use Twitter and Facebook as part of their teaching and research communications.

“We recognize that tradtional publications such as books, journal articles, and conference proceedings, are not the main things that people are reading these days.”                                                      - Dr. Loof Lirpa

The ICSM is chaired by distinguished Professor Dr. Loof Lirpa.  Dr. Lirpa said that faculty will be encouraged to tweet during their lectures, and update their Facebook status whenever they have an idea.   For some faculty this may mean updates more than once a day.  In order to insure that this directive is taken seriously, a selection of tweets and facebook postings will be used in addition to other publication records for both tenure and promotion decisions.

“We expect there will be initial resistance to the idea, since many faculty feel constrained by the 140 character limit in Twitter.  However, if they can't say it in 140 characters, most students will simply lose interest.  Besides, great science and engineering ideas are often simple and concise when expressed mathematically.  E=mc2 can be communicated in just 5 characters (technically only 4.5 if you count superscripts as half a character).   Of course, for concepts that require further exposition and details, faculty may still use the full 420 characters available in a Facebook status post."

The ICSM did not recommend that staff be required to use Twitter or Facebook at work, since they were already doing so.

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