Math 1502,  Calculus II
Sections H1-H5
Lectures by Michael LossSkiles 214 B,
Meeting: MWF 11:05-11:55 in College of Computing 16

Office hours W, F 1-2 pm
or by appointment

The recitation sections are on TThu 10:05-10:55:

  H1 meets in Skiles 168. TA Jordan Holley,
    H2 meets in Skiles 246. TA Vy Nguyen, 
H3 meets in Skiles 254. TA Daniel Nielsen,
H4 meets in Skiles 270. TA Valdimir Coxall,
H5 meets in Engineering Science 202. TA Jaclyn Cann,

Course Outline and Calendar:
This link takes you to a specification of course objectives, topics of study, a course calendar with week by week reading assignments, test dates and other important dates.

Online Course Material
Here you can find problem sets, practice tests, course notes, math-lab info and other useful links organized on a week by week basis.

Practice Tests

This link takes you to a page with practice tests with solutions to some of them

Test page

These links will take you to a page with the solutions of the four one-hour tests. The solutions will be posted shortly after the tests.
The test grades will be posted on T-square.

Grading Policy
There are four tests and a comprehensive final exam. The lowest test score will be dropped and the test grade will be the average of
the three best tests. The test grade counts 60%, the final exam counts 40%.  The grade scheme will be 90% and above A,
80% and above B, 60% and above C, 50% and above D, below 50 % F

Let me remind you to uphold the honor code at all times. You find more information at

  Official absences are either medical, civil duties or official Institute functions.
Makeup tests are given only for the above mentioned official absences after written proof is provided.
In other rare circumstances,
if more than one test is missed, the corresponding part of the final exam will be given a higher weight.