Math 3406, A second course in linear algebra

                             Lectures: M, W 3-4:15 am in Skiles 156
Michael Loss,  Office:  Skiles 214B,  email:
                   Office hours:
M, W 12-1 pm or by appointment.


                  Course description

                  Exams and grades

                  Weekly schedule

                  Topics for Test 1

                  Practice Test 1

                  Solutions for Practice Test 1

                  Solutions for Test 1

                  Solutions for Test 1 DS

                  A short summary on matrices

                  Homework 7

                  Solutions for Homework 7

                  Topics for Test 2

                  Practice Test 2

                  Solutions for Practice Test 2

                  Additional problems for Test 2

                  Solutions for Test 2

                  Topics for final exam

                  Practice final exam

                  Solutions for the Practice Final Exam