Math 6341, Partial Differential Equations 1

M, W, F 10-11 am in Skiles 257
Michael Loss,  Office:  Skiles 214B,  email:
                   Office hours:
M, W 12-1 pm or by appointment.

``Partial Differential Equations'' by L.C. Evans, Graduate Studies in
                             Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 2-nd edition.

Sometimes I will add notes of my own here.

                    Grading: There will be 5 homeworks and one final exam.
                                     The homework counts 70%, the final exam 30%.
                                      Grades: [100%, 90%]=A, (90%, 80%]=B,  (80%, 70%]=C, (70%, 60%]=D
                                                     (60%, 0] = F.


                    Homework 1

                    Homework 2

                    Homework 3

                    Homework 4

                    Homework 5

                    Final exam