Megan Bernstein


School of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology
686 Cherry Street
Atlanta, GA 30332

Office: Skiles 024
E-mail Address: bernstein [at] math [dot] gatech [dot] edu

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Georgia Tech.

I study combinatorics and probability. My work includes finding the mixing times of random walks on the symmetric group and more general Markov chains.
  • On sampling graphical Markov models with Prasad Tetali, arxiv
  • Cutoff for random to random card shuffle with Evita Nestoridi, arxiv
  • A random walk on the symmetric group generated by random involutions, arxiv
  • Likelihood orders for some random walks on the symmetric group, arxiv
  • My thesis under Persi Diaconis titled Random Walks on the Symmetric Group, Likelihood Orders, and Involutions

  • Math 3012-K Spring 2016, Applied Combinatorics
    Handouts from Stanford's Math 51 Winter 2014