Ordinary Differential Equations

MATH 2552

Lecture TTh 1:30-2:45 PM, Boggs BS
INSTRUCTOR: John McCuan, 209 Skiles
Office Hours: TTh 12:30-1:15, 3:00-4:00
Email: 2552fall17 (at) protonmail.com
Course Page: http://www.math.gatech.edu/~mccuan/courses/2552/
Recitation Sections MW 1:55-2:45 PM,

Section K1
Skiles 249

Section K2
Skiles 170

Section K3
Skiles 246

Text: An Introduction to Modern Methods & Application (3rd Edition) James R. Brannan & William E. Boyce

Topics/Sections Covered: Topics from Chapters 1-8

Grading Scheme:

Homework 15%
Exam 1 27%
Exam 2 28%
Final Exam 30%

(Below 60% F; 60-69% D; 70-79% C; 80-89% B; 90-100% A)

HOMEWORK   Homework will be collected in recitation on Wednesday and checked for completion.

Dates of Exams (tentative):

Exam 1 Thursday September 14   ---> Thursday September 21

Exam 2 Thursday October 5   ---> Thursday October 26

Final Exam Thursday December 7 (2:50-5:40)

Exams are cumulative.

No calculators, notes, or other aids may be used during exams.

Policy on missed exams: Official written excuse required.

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If you want to meet me during office hours, send an email to let me know. If you want to meet me outside office hours, send me an email and let me know.

Sample Exams:

Exam 1
Note: This practice exam was prepared from the previous edition of the text, so topics may vary slightly.
Exam 2
Exam 2 (updated)
Final Exam
some solutions
new/updated practice final

Table of Laplace transforms for the final

Extra Materials:

Calculus Review

Direction Fields (Mathematica notebook) pdf

numerical solutions I (Mathematica notebook) pdf

numerical solutions II (Mathematica notebook) pdf

numerical solutions III (Mathematica notebook) pdf

matrix exponentiation and ODEs

An oscillator problem (Mathematica notebook) with several errors pdf

An oscillator problem (Mathematica notebook) corrected version pdf

An oscillator problem with discontinuous forcing (Mathematica notebook) pdf

An oscillator problem with discontinuous forcing (Mathematica notebook) pdf

A nonlinear system (Mathematica notebook) pdf

Stopping a linear oscillator with an impulse

Slope Field Generator + Euler's Method

Euler's Method pdf

Plotting a slope field pdf

Problem 2.6.4 in Brannon and Boyce

More on problem 2.6.4 pdf

Solving a system numerically pdf

Exercise 7.2.23 pdf

Exercise 4.6.6,8 pdf
First Lecture