I am an Associate Professor in School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech.

Office: 235A Skiles
Email: mdamron6
Phone: 4311



Published papers

Notes from courses

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Summer 2019, with S. Bhamidi, G. Brito, R. Durrett, and M. Junge, we are hosting an AMS Math Research Communities on spatial stochastic models. This is for early-career scientists (2 years before to 5 years after Ph. D.) and will focus on working on working groups and collaborations. See the link here and the link to apply on mathprograms.org.

Preprints / In progress
(with J. Hanson and W.-K. Lam) Universality for the time constant in 2D critical first-passage percolation. arXiv
(with A. Sen) Zero-temperature Glauber dynamics on the 3-regular tree and the median process. arXiv
(with B. Bock) The acceptance profile of invasion percolation at p_c in two dimensions. arXiv
(with J. Fickenscher) The number of ergodic measures for transitive shifts with the regular bispecial condition. arXiv
(with M. Bernstein and T. Greenwood) Sublinear variance in Euclidean first-passage percolation. arXiv
(with B. Bock, C. Newman, and V. Sidoravicius) Percolation of finite clusters and existence of infinite shielded paths. arXiv
(with J. Hanson and P. Sosoe) Strict inequality for the chemical distance exponent in two-dimensional critical percolation. arXiv
(with P. Tang) Superlinearity of geodesic length in 2D critical first-passage percolation. arXiv
Recent work on chemical distance in critical percolation. arXiv
(with J. Hanson and P. Sosoe) On the chemical distance in critical percolation II. arXiv

Upcoming talks
7/8 - Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Northwestern
10/12-13 - Eastern AMS sectional meeting, Binghamton University

Co-organizer: Math Research Communities, Rhode Island, Summer 2019
Co-organizer: Recent Trends in Continuous and Discrete Probability, GaTech, 2018.
Co-organizer: AMS special session, Atlanta, Jan. 2017
Co-organizer: AMS Joint Math Meetings short course on random growth models, Atlanta, Jan. 2017.
Co-organizer: AIM workshop, first-passage percolation and related models, Aug. 2015
Co-organizer: Seymour Sherman conference, Indiana, May 2015
Co-organizer: AMS special session, Michigan State, Apr. 2015

Past postdocs: Xuan Wang, Jack Hanson, Gerandy Brito

Current Ph.D. students: David Harper
Past Ph.D. students: Wai-Kit Lam Bounghun Bock

Grants - My work is currently supported by
NSF CAREER grant -- Distances in random media