Math 1501 B1C,B2C

Course Outine:

Note: This is the first time this course is being offered.
Therefore the syllabus below is tentative, and I will will adjust the hours on each subject as necessary.
-- I need you to help me with this. If someting is easy -- or hard -- let me know.
Let me know if we need to spend more -- or less -- time on some topic.
I will ocaisionally devote the quizlet at the top of the page to these issues.

Note: We will do this material in a slighly different order

Topic Text Sections Lectures
Review of functions, graphs, inequalities and other basic notions. 1.1-1.8 2
Limits and continuity. 2.1-2.6 5
Limits of sequences and the exponential function 10.1-10.3 3
Differntiation: Computing derivatives 3.1-3.9 9
Minimum-maximum problems and curve sketching 4.3-4.8 3
Integration and the fundamental theorem of calculus 5.1-5.8 6
Applications of integration 6.1-6.6 6
Transcendental functions 7.1-3,7.5,7.6 3
Techniques of integration 8.1-8.4 3
Complex numbers  web notes 3

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