Math 1501

Quiz 5
Sept 30, 1999
Tom Morley
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Don't Panic

Open Book and Notes. You have 30 minutes. Carefully explain your proceedures and answers

Problem 1 (5 points)

Show below is a plot of f(x) identify all critical points. Draw a picture of f'(x), using information about increasing, decreasing, and concavity.




So here is a plot of the function as given (blue),
and its derivative. The roots of the derivative are
the critical points.


Problem 2 (6 Points)

The derivatives of the follwing 3 functions on the left are in a different order on the right. Match up the functions and the derivatives.



So. On the left A, B, C, and 1,2,3 on the right,
match up as: A3, B1, C2


Problem 3 (10 Points)

a) Use differentials to approximate [Graphics:indexgr27.gif].

b) Find a function f(x), such that [Graphics:indexgr28.gif] is a root. Use a function that will be useful for Netwon's method. (Note: This is different from the function in part a). Using the answer to a) as the original guess, [Graphics:indexgr29.gif]do ONE step of Newton's method.











This is the formula you use