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Welcome to Mathematics 1502, Winter-Spring Semester 2000. My office hours are WF 9:05-9:50,W 2:15-3, and by appointment.. Skiles 148 .
I can often be found in
Skiles 236 (Math Lounge). In the evenings, I can often be reached by ICQ.

General Information

Class (at Tech) is at 8:05 am in

Physics Lecture Hall 3

Note Change

On TTh, it is various places. See Oscar, as the classrooms might change.

TAs for the course:

Texts: The usual calculus book: Calculus, by Salas, Hille and Etgen, together with: Primer for Linear Algebra, by S. Demko.

The grade will be based on

Course Outline for Math 1502
Topic Sections Appoximate Days*
Taylor Series Calculus: 11.1,11.2,11.5,11.6, 10.5-7 9
Power Series,Numerical Integration, ODEs Calculus: 11.7,11.8,8.7,8.8 6
Matrices - Row Reduction,etc. Demko: 1.1,1.2,1.3,2.1,2.2,2.3 9
Geometric Theory of Linear Systems Demko: Chapter 3 9
Eigenvalues Demko: Chapter 4, 5.1-5.4 7

* Approximate Lecture (MWF) class periods

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