Math 1502 Quiz 7
April 18, 2000

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Section: Circle One:
Section A1:Lindsay Bates.Classroom:Skiles 202
Section A2:Eric Forgoston.Classroom:Skiles 246
Section A3:Mohammed Sinnokrot.Classroom:Skilkes 256
Section A4:Kasso Okoudjou.Classroom:Skiles
Section A5:Marcus Sammer. Skiles 140

Open Book and Notes.  Carefully explain your proceedures and answers. Calculators allowed, but answers mush be
exact.   Quiz Time --- 30 minutes

Problem 1 (10  points)

Find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors (you need on ly to find an eigenvector for each eigenvalue) for the matrix  A =  [Graphics:Images/index_gr_1.gif].   Use these results to find [Graphics:Images/index_gr_2.gif]. Leave [Graphics:Images/index_gr_3.gif] in the form of a matrix   product.


Computations done to create problem

This says the eigenvalues are 3 and 7, and the
coresponding eigenvectors are {1,1} and {-1,1}


Problem  2 (5 Points )


Find the eigenvalues and a set of three linearly independent eigenvectors of A.

Find matrices U and D such that A =  U D [Graphics:Images/index_gr_31.gif]


Computations tocreate problem

Note: The Eigenvalues are 0, 2 and 2. The eigenvectors for 2 are not uniques in any way.


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