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Welcome to Mathematics 1509, Spring quarter 1998. My office hours are MWF 7:30-7:55, 9:05-9:50, Skiles 263 or Skiles 237 (Math Lounge).

General Information

Class (at Tech) is at 8:05 am in The Paul Weber Space Science and Technology Building or at Norcross High School. on MWF. For on campus students, on TTh, it is in Skiles and the TA is Aaron Proietti (EMAIL:

Problems from 12.4 ->

Here is a cardiod:

x(t) = ((1 + cos(t)) cos(t)) i ,
y(t) = ((1 + cos(t)) sin(t)) j : 

Here is a space cardiod:
x(t) = ((1 + cos(t)) cos(t)) i ,
y(t) = ((1 + cos(t)) sin(t)) j , 
z(t) = sin(t)  k: 

Where did the cusp go?

Course Outline for Math 1508
Topic Sections Appoximate Days
Taylor Polynomials, 9.4 - 4.5, 9.1-9.3 4
Series 10.3-10 6
Vectors in the Plane and in Space 11.1-9 6
Vector Functions, Differentiation, Parametric Equations 12.1-6 5
Differentiation of Functions of Two and Three Variables 13.1-8 6

The grade will be based on

Note: If you have access to Mathematica on your machine, you may want to set Netscape preferences so that file extension "ma" points to Mathematica. This can be found under "helper apps". Note however, that you need a lot of RAM to do this.

If you do not have Mathematica, you can read the following files with Math Reader , downloadable from Wolfram Research

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