Skikes 148

This is my new office. It is nice. It is noisy (this is good). And mostly surrounded by graduate students (this is also good.)

Students, faculty, and friends are invited to stop by, and raise the noise level.

There is however, enough light for some plants. Currently I have in the office:

At some point I will bring one of my (currently dormant) Bowiea volubilis into the office. I also might bring some of my other caudiciforms and pachycauls into the office once they go dormant. These include: If there are any requests of which of the above to bring to the office, please let me know. EMAIL is fine. The address is at bottom of this page.

I have just noticed that there are no monocots in the office. This will change shortly. Also, I a limited number of chlorophytum offsets available for the asking. These are not the usual cultivar (with white stripes down the center of the leaves) but have white stripes on the border of the leaves. If you are interested, just EMAIL me.

Some of these plants were bought at: I would never admit to actually buying a plant at Home Depot.

The Canadian poisonous plant database , The Cornell poisonous plant page

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