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Cardio diary.

April 26: Somewhere over 10920 KCal burned.
This is over a pound of fat. (using 7000 KCal = 1 lb.)

Well, February 10, 1999 I quit smoking. Since then I have started cardio. I am keeping a journal here. Each month is in reverse chronological order.

Jun, 1999: Current RHR 45-48

Treadmill is a Trotter Professional model 545. KCal estimation on treadmill is by Polar Smart Edge Heart Monitor. KCal estimation on Stairmaster is by Stairmaster.

I do not know my actual Max bbm. The age formula is wrong, as I have seen my heart rate higher than 220-48.

The stair sub-max test from Sally Edwards' book gives about 190 or 195. In any case, I seem to be a lactic acid junky, perhaps from weightlifting.

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