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Well I've decided to put my .02 into the ring and say something about supplemets.

The current craze about supplements probably has several causes:

In any case there is a great deal of good technical information ot there on the web. There is also a great deal of advertising crapola that is disguised as "technical information." To figure out what is going on you need to be able to tell technical information appart from pseudo-technical BS.

Medline is an online searchable database of Journal articles in the broad area of medicine. Highly recomended, but tough going. There are various sites with free access to Medline. Just do a net search.

Sandeep De's . web site has a great deal of good information about some of the supplements availible.

Some personal opinions, most backed up by some science.

None of the following is advise to use any of the products listed. For various reasons, some people should avoid some of the following products. Before you take anything research the matter.

Some of the following products have specific uses for specific cercumstances. This is not a "take all of these" list.


Supplements that work

Supplements that probably work

Supplements that might work

Supplements that don't work

Anywhay, if you have any specific questions, EMAIL me and I'll try to answer.
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