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Swim diary.

For reasons that I don't really understand, I have swimming on March 17, 1999.

I am going to keep a record of my progress here.

I realize that these distances and times are pathetic in terms of real swimmers. I haven't really swam in at leat 20 years. Hey give a poor 40 something. a break, OK? Besides, these distances and times are already improving. That's the point, I think.

I would like to make it to a reasonable 1600-2000 yds/hr by the end of spring quarter.

I 1999 I swam 224400 yards and 224800 meters
For a total of about 267.2 miles

or about 430 kilometers ....

Thats not much, but its 267.2 more miles than last year...

Or the last 20 years, for that matter.

Back to current year ...