Fall 2017: Math 1552 (Integral Calculus)
Spring 2018: Math 2603 (Discrete Math)
Summer 2018: Math 2603 (Discrete Math)
Fall 2018: TBA

About Me

I am a second-year Ph.D student at Georgia Tech. I obtained my Bachelors degree in both Mathematics and Computer Science, a minor in Physics, and a certificate in Database Management.

My interests lie in combinatorics, specifically graph theory, and also in algorithms. I also have interests in machine learning and AI. In regards to applied things, I also enjoy data visualization and modeling (creating models, investigating its properties, and it's "accuracy" in regards to the underlying problem compared to other models). Lastly, I enjoy things with a probablistic flavor on discrete structures (such as graphs).


Christopher O'Neill, Vadim Ponomarenko, Reuben Tate and Gautam Webb, "On the set of catenary degrees of finitely generated cancellative commutative monoids", International Journal of Algebra and Computation, Vol. 26, No. 03, pp. 565-576 (2016), (Arxiv Link)

and Which dipole are you studying in lab?", European Journal of Physics, Volume 38, Number 1 (2016)


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