Page 88

Equation (2.26) is wrong.  The corrected derivation is given

Page 214

The second to the last line of code should read j=16 instead of i=16

Page 216

Line 9 from the top, should be (as in 8=3 mod 5) instead of
(as in 8=3 mod 3).

Page 219

Since the number of TH outcomes is 3, the first line of the
displayed equation should have (3 - 0.25x20) instead of (4 - 0.25x20).
This causes several other changes: V should be 7.6 instead of 7, in
the 4th line from the top the probability should be 0.938 instead of
0.906. In the 5th line the complement probability will be 0.062
instead of 0.094 and in the 6th line the probability as a percent
is 6.2 instead of 9.4. 

Page 122/123

Line 11 of the algorithm should be

  if U~U(0,1) < h then { x becomes y; Ex becomes Ey; }

Page 125

Line 12 of the algorithm

  if rand $lt h
    x = y; Hx = Hy;