Sergio Mayorga

Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Mathematics, Atlanta, Georgia 30332

Office: Skiles 225C


My work as a graduate student has focused on deterministic mean-field games. This is a subject that straddles Optimal Transport, non-linear PDEs, and Calculus of Variations.

I am currently a Visiting Graduate Researcher in Wilfrid Gangbo's research group at UCLA.

Description of current research

Here is my current research statement.


  • (ArXiv preprint) Short time solution to the master equation of a first order mean field game system. arXiv:1811.08964v3 [math.AP]

    Sergio Mayorga on ResearchGate


    In Fall, 2018, I was a TA for Differential Equations (Math 2552) and LA for Statistics and Applications (Math 3670).

    Previously, as lead instructor:

  • Math 2552, Spring 2017
  • Math 3670, Fall 2017