A  list of my papers from the AMS MathSciNet with links to Mathematical Reviews.

A list of my publications, in reverse chronological order.
114. With E. Getzler, Graph complexes and the symplectic character of the Torelli group,   preprint 2017. Computer files:  Symplectic character data
113. With R. Kashaev, A meromorphic extension of the 3D Index,   preprint 2017.
112. With F. Calegari and D. Zagier, Bloch groups, algebraic K-theory, units and Nahm's Conjecture,   preprint 2017.
111. With Z. Dansco, A construction of the graphic matroid from the lattice of integer flows,   preprint 2016.
110. With I. Moffatt and Dylan P. Thurston, Non-peripheral ideal decompositions of alternating knots,   preprint 2016.
109. With A. Lauda and T.T.Q. Le, The colored HOMFLY-PT polynomial is q-holonomic,   Duke Math. J., in press.
108. with C. Hodgson, N. Hoffman and H. Rubinstein, The 3D-index and normal surfaces,   Illinois J. Mathematics, 60 (2016) 289-353.
107. With T.T.Q. Le, A survey of q-holonomic functions,   L'Enseignement Mathematique, 62 (2016) 501-525.
106. With A. Reid, Constructing 1-cusped isospectral non-isometric hyperbolic 3-manifolds,   J. Topology and Analysis, in press. Computer files:  Isospectral data
105. With P. Kucharski and P. Sulkowski, Knots, BPS states, and algebraic curves,   Commun. Math. Physics, 346 (2016) 75-113.
104. With E. Sabo and S. Scott, Exact computation of the n-loop invariants of knots,   Experimental Math. 25 (2016) 125-129. Computer files:  n-loop data
103. With E. Fominykh, M. Goerner, V. Tarkaev and A. Vesnin, A census of tetrahedral hyperbolic manifolds,   Experimental Math. 25 (2016) 466-481. Computer files:   Tetrahedral census
102. With T. Dimofte, Quantum modularity and complex Chern-Simons theory,   Commun. Number Theory Phys., in press.
101. With R. Kashaev, Evaluation of state integrals at rational points,   Commun. Number Theory Phys., 9 2015 549-582.
100. With R. van der Veen, Quadratic integer programming and the slope conjecture,   New York J. Mathematics, 22 (2016) 907-932.
99. The Newton polytope of a recurrent sequence of polynomials,   preprint 2014.
98. Recurrent sequences of polynomials in 3-dimensional topology,   Acta Mathematica Vietnamica, 39 (2014) 541-548.
97. With M. Goerner and C. Zickert, The Ptolemy field of 3-manifold-representations,   Algebraic and Geometric Topology, 15 (2015) 371-397. Computer files:  Unhyperbolic
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93. With S. Norin and T. Vuong, Flag algebras and the stable coefficients of the Jones polynomial,   European J. Combinatorics, 51 (2016) 165-189.
92. With R. Kashaev, From state integrals to q-series,   Math. Res. Letters, 24 (2017) 781-801.
91. With T. Vuong, Alternating knots, planar graphs and q-series,   Ramanujan J., 36 (2015) 501-527. Computer files:  Phi_G data
90. The colored HOMFLY polynomial is q-holonomic,   preprint 2012. Computer files:  HOMFLY twist knot data
89. With C. Koutschan, Irreducibility of q-difference operators and the knot 7_4,   Algebraic and Geometric Topology, 13 (2013) 3261-3286. Computer files:  double twist data
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87. The 3D index of an ideal triangulation and angle structures,   Ramanujan J. 40 (2016) 573-604.
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85. With T. Dimofte, The quantum content of the gluing equations,   Geometry and Topology, 17 (2013) 1253-1315.
84. Quantum Knot Invariants,   Arbeitstagung talk Bonn 2011, Research in the Mathematical Sciences, in press.
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82. With C. Koutschan, Twisting q-holonomic sequences by complex roots of unity,   ISSAC (2012) 179-186. Computer files:  twisting qholonomic data
81. With T.T.Q. Le, Nahm sums, stability and the colored Jones polynomial,   Research in Mathematical Sciences, 2 (2015) 1-55.
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