MATH 4801 Report Guidelines


Reports are due before the next class.   Submit reports on .

DATE (Tuesday)
Aug 22
Dr. Matt Baker
Title:   Kirchhoff's Matrix-Tree Theorem
Aug 25  Last chance to make schedule changes -
Registration closes at 4:00 pm
August 25 Deadline for submitting online application for Fall 2017 graduation
Aug 29
Dr. Guillermo Goldsztein
Title:  Modeling the strength of composite materials 

Sept 5
Dr. Rachel Kuske
Title:  The VIP  - Vertically Integrated Projects -  Program at Tech:  Will it work in Mathematics?
Monday Sep 4  Official School Holiday
Sep 4 -  Jan 12:  Online Application for Graduation Spring 2018 open.
Sept 12
Dr. Michael Lacey
Title:  One Bit Sensing - An Research Experience for Undergraduates Project

Sept 19
Dr. Jen Hom
Title:  TBA

Sept 26

Oct 3
Dr. Sung Ha Kang
Title:  TBA

Oct 10
Fall break - no class
Oct 9 - 10  Fall 2017 Student Recess
Oct 17
Maxie Schmidt
Title: partition Identities Related to Stanley's Theorem

Oct 18 Schedule of classes for Spring Semester 2018  available online
Oct 24

Oct 28  Last day to drop individual courses with a grade of "W" by 4:00 pm ET.
Oct 28  Last day to chnge grade mode from letter to pass/fail (and vice versa).
Oct 28  Last day to apply for grade substitution. 
Oct 31

Nov 7

Nov 10  Last day to apply for cross registration for Spring Semester 2018.
Nov 14

Nov 21
Nov 22 Campus open but no classes; Nov 23-24 Official School Holiday (Thanksgiving holiday)
Nov 28
Dr. Christian Hourdre
Some Subsequences Problems With Applications
Dec 1 Final class day for MATH 4801
Dec 4-5  Final instructional class days
Dec 5

Dec 5 Final class day for MATH 4801
Dec 4-5  Final instructional class days Fall 2017
Dec 7-17  Final exams; There is no final exam for MATH 4801 UG
Note:  The dates of the speakers is subject to change based on the speakers' schedules.  Additional names will be added as speakers confirm dates.