I'm a second-year PhD student in the "Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization" program at Georgia Institute of Technology. My home department is Mathematics and my advisor is Anton Leykin.

The main theme of my research so far has been symbolic and numerical methods for polynomial systems. I've co-authored the software package MonodromySolver for randomized solving of "generic" polynomial systems via numerical methods; it is included in the latest release of the Macaulay2 system.

(w/ Micheal Benedikt, Aditya Sharad, James Worrell.) Polynomial Automata: Zeroness and Applications (LICS 2017.)
(w/ Cvetelina Hill, Anders Jensen, Kisun Lee, Anton Leykin, Jeff Sommars) Solving polynomial systems via homotopy continuation and monodromy (preprint.)
(w/ Adam Boocher, Bryan Brown, Laura Lyman, Takumi Murayama, Amy Nesky, Karl Schaefer) Robust Graph Ideals (Ann. Comb.)

MATH 2603 (Sections K4, L1)

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