Yingjie Liu

School of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology
686 Cherry Street, Skiles Building
Atlanta, GA 30332-0160
Phone: 404-894-2381
Fax: 404-894-4409
E-mail: yingjie at math dot gatech dot edu

Course Materials
MATH6641: Advanced Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Simplified Physics behind a Powerful Forehand Loop in Table Tennis
PC Games
Beautiful Okefenokee Swamp
My son

Research Interests

My research interests have been on the numerical analysis, scientific computing, algorithm, partial differential equations and tangential suspension system. I have been working on:
  • Tangential Wheel Suspension System .
  • Moving mesh finite element methods.
  • Conservative front tracking.
  • Back and forth error compensation and correction (BFECC) algorithm with applications in level set interface computation and fluid simulations. A smoke simulation by NVIDIA using BFECC.
  • Central schemes and central discontinuous Galerkin methods on overlapping cells for conservation laws and associated differential equations.
  • Non-oscillatory hierarchical reconstruction (HR) for discontinuous Galerkin methods, central discontinuous Galerkin methods, central and finite volume schemes. A common mistake in the implementation of HR..

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